The difference between quartz clock and mechanical clock and electronic clock

2019-05-23 14:42
The quartz clock adopts a quartz movement, the mechanical clock uses a mechanical movement, and the quartz clock is a clock with a quartz movement. Its power source is a battery. Under the driving of the battery, the quartz crystal will perform regular movement. The mechanical clock is a clock with a mechanical movement. His movement is made up of some complicated mechanical structures. The power source is mainly artificial winding. In terms of walking time, the quartz clock will be more precise.
An electronic clock is a timing device that uses digital circuitry to display seconds, minutes, and hours.
        The main component of the quartz clock is a very stable quartz oscillator. The oscillation frequency generated by the quartz oscillator is taken out. Let it drive the clock to indicate the time. This is the quartz clock.
        Compared with the mechanical clock, the electronic clock is mainly characterized by its direct features, and because of its non-mechanical drive, it has a longer service life and is more accurate than the quartz movement of the quartz clock. Its characteristics can be attributed to "two strong and one weak": it is more prominent than the mechanical clock, and is more accurate than the quartz clock, but its weakness is more monotonous. The electronic clock is more convenient and practical.
Because the electronic clock adopts the development of digital integrated circuits and adopts advanced quartz technology, the electronic clock has the advantages of accurate travel time, stable performance, convenient carrying, etc. The electronic clock is used for timed automatic alarm, automatic ringing on time, automatic control of time program, Timed broadcast and automatic control and other fields.

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